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Roll over the mouse to roll the round on the picture, the picture can enlarge or contract automatically then.
Market price£º $38
Serial number: fj015

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Wholesale price£º $28
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Size: 20*24 In
¡ñThe cloth that export the Europe and America last oil painting
Oil painting on Canvas.

¡ñGuangzhou Weimei Oil Paintings
Have 12 years to draw the experience of the oil painting above.

¡ñPrice secret
Because all works come from drawing the teacher all and directly,save in the center link,and
art gallery must of store rental,advertising expense in order to and employee's salary,so can
keep the lower price, let the benefit give the customer.

¡ñProduce the method
Give out the drawing that the customer provide to draw the teacher,after drawing to complete,
need 2-3 days to let natural stem of pigment been deeply.General bout 7 days,can immediately
mail or transportation by ship,at deliver the goods premise to provide the picture(photograph
of the painting), until you confirm the satisfaction, take delivery of goods.

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