Guang zhou Weimei Oil Paintings- transport

1.Canvas weight
IN 8X10
12X16 16X20 20X24 24X36 30X40 36X48 48X72
weight KG 0.05 0.10 0.17 0.25 0.45 0.70 0.90 1.80

The oil painting of the impressionist style should add to 3%-5% weight, the oil painting of the painting knife rendering should add 20%-60% Weight
2.Transport way
EMS、UPS、DHL、TNT、FEDEX、Federal Express, seahaul, air etc. the transit system.Transport the place is a Shenzhen port.
Transport the time:The Federal Express FEDEX and DHL transit times are 2-4 days, the TNT and UPS transit times are 4-7 days, the time of the air is 7-15 days, the time of the seahaul is 15-30 days.Transport the system according to the concrete occasion, client's oneself can choose. express
UPS 、DHL、TNT、FEDEX、Federal Express.Time about on 2-7 days. Transport the price: Concrete According to the cargo weight how much and take delivery of goods the price of conjuncture of the hour but strike.Generally speaking, 20 the above price of there will be the more special discount.


Head Weight0.5KG

Renew Weight0.5KG

  North America $17.00 $5.20
  West Europe $23.00 $5.85

  Korea Hong Kong Macau

$11.80 $2.50

  Southeast Asia Japan

$17.00 $3.70

  south Pacific Ocean Burma

$20.20 $4.50

  Chile Arabian Tribal chief position of the  combination African south
  South Africa

$32.00 $7.80

  Argentina Middle east

$43.00 $9.00
4.Chinese airmail
Head Weight for the 0.5 KG price is$180, increase the 1 KG price exaltation each time$3.5-$4.5, the time is about 7-15 days.
The seahaul press cubic reckon.The head volume 1 steres is$250, the increasing 1 stere prices of pers raise$70, the time is about 15-30 days.
6.Domestic Express Transport the price
Dest.(Unit:cny) Head Weight 1KG Renew weight 0.5KG Time( working days)
  Guangdong Inside 10 2 1day
  Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang 15 5 2days
  Fukien 15 5 2days
  Shandong 16 7 3days

  Anhui, Liaoning, Hubei.
Szechwan, Hebei, Hunan.

15 7 3day
  Other city 15 8 3day
  Hong Kong 25 8 2days
  Taiwan 35 16 2days

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